Matlab Functions


A description of each function can be displayed in Matlab using

>> help <function-name>


Pairwise correlations (corr-m)

Function Synopsis
pcc Compute pairwise Pearson correlation coefficients.
sub2utm Linear index (wrt upper triangle) from matrix subscripts.
tetracc Compute pairwise tetrachoric correlation coefficients.
toSymMat Convert vector of upper triangular elems into a symmetric matrix.

Processor information queries (cpuinfo-m)

Function Synopsis
corecnt Determine the number of processor cores.
cpuinfo Determine availability of instruction set extensions on the CPU.
proccnt Determine the number of logical processors.

Functional connectivity (fconn-m)

Function Synopsis
fcmNodeMetrics Nodal metrics of functional connectomes.
mfcmStats Element-wise statistics across multiple functional connectomes.
volClust Volume clustering and cluster properties.
volClustPermTest FWE-corrected cluster-level p values based on permutations.

Utilities (util-m)

Function Synopsis
  genCircosConf Generate a Circos configuration.
  rgb2colordef Create color definitions file for use with Circos.
  clipData Clip/winsorize data according to the specified clipping limits.
  cutData Cut data according to the specified limits.
  flat Flatten an array of data.
  rescaleData Rescale (linearly transform) data to the specified range.
  fileCountLines Count the number of lines in a file.
  fileExists Check if a given file exists.
  fileGetDir Get directory from full path.
  fileGetExt Get extension from full path.
  fileGetName Get filename from full path.
  fileGlob Filename expansion.
  readImgData Read neuroimaging data.
  readImgHdr Read header information for neuroimaging data.
  writeImgData Write neuroimaging data to a NIFTI file.
  getPageSize Get page size using getconf.
  monMem Monitor memory usage using the proc filesystem.
  monPerf Monitor performance based on event counters using perf stat.
  blend Composite image A over image B.
  pngcolorbar Save a colorbar in png format.
  poolmgr Unified parallel pool management across Matlab versions.
  drawOutline Draw 2D outline.
  getAxesBelowPointer Get axes below the mouse pointer.